Whisp is a mix of Halfling and Orc. he grew up with his Halfing mother. he grew to be a explorer always looking for new relics and treasures. He doesn't like to fight and prefers to find a peaceful way to handle things always believing everyone is innocent until proven guilty. while traveling he spent many nights reading about various creatures and different landscapes, slowly becoming proficient in most things nature.

Character Sheets

character sheet lvl5


I used to love you once long ago. i opened my doors and gave you a home you were my cairn and you were my creed my everything, or at least so i thought.
Something died on the day that you left me. melodies, memories and my dreams, something left,something came, something darker. someone let the cold inside.
You ate my bread, and drank from well. i dressed you in silk. sold all i could sell. so i could keep your heart satisfied but everytime you just asked me for more.
Deeper down to the hole where you made me. to the vortex of pain that will stain me. i wont drown, i wont lie, i wont die here i will fight i will rise again.

I Wont write you a ode or confession, not a song but a war declaration
Story told from the dawn of creation
Symphony from a grim orchestration

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