Also known as the Vóltezan Peninsula, this eastern region of Scoeras is home to the majority of humans on that continent. Its cool climate is tempered somewhat by currents flowing northeast off the warm Oulessem Ocean. Humans first settled the area in the 5th century ER. Vólteza is bordered by the Darestian sea to the north and east, the Oulessem Ocean to the south, and divided from Daġreias and Mafreng Island by the Strait of Ulent to the southeast. The eastern reaches of the Kames Mountains find their end in Vólteza, and southwestern Vólteza borders East Felinsam

Sites and Features

East Kames Mountains


The city of Zimui is the largest settlement in Scoeras, and is located in a bay on its far eastern shores.

Neighbouring Regions

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