Umorit Empire


The Umorit Empire is a historic empire that once ruled most of the three continents.


DR 7990, UR 1, ER -1105

The village of Umorit is founded by Kuurt as a fortified camp of five families on Pugit hill of the Bisampt people. Most Prominent Umoritians of the Empire can trace their lineage back to these five families. They are headed by Kuurt (Kuurs) {18}, Paampt (Paames) {15}, Iiaast (Iiaases) {13}, Pugat (Pugas) {11}, and Orprit (Orpris) {6}.

DR 8004, UR 15, ER -1091

Two more Bisampt families join the village of Umorit. They are the Mufimiit (Mufimiias) {11} and the Kimet (Kimes) {9}

DR 8021, UR 32, ER -1074

Umorit is attacked and besieged by a tribe of Luos people called the Fadime. Kuurt I, aged 64, is killed and leadership of Umorit is passed on to Pugat I.

DR 8042, UR 53, ER -1053

Pugat dies aged 75, succeeded by Bimiat Kuurs.

DR 8046, UR 57, ER -1049

The Fadime people reach a truce, and as part of the terms, two families of the Fadime are added to the Clans of the Umorit: Lehok (Leokot, Leokos) {22}, and Diloshu, (Dilocut, Dilocos) {20}, as Bimiat Kuurs realises that to survive, Umorit must grow. For a long time afterwards, the population of Umorit is genetically roughly 25% Fadime and 75% Bisampt, and most Umorit citizens can trace their lineage back to one of the 9 clans. Many Umoritians proudly announce their Fadime heritage. Outside Umorit, the remaining Fadime are absorbed into other Luos clans, in turn to eventually be conquered and absorbed into the Empire.

DR 8057, UR 68, ER -1038

Umorit expands to the size of a small town.

DR 8070, UR 81, ER -1025

Bimiat Kuurs dies aged 45, and is succeeded by Pampt Pugas

DR 8080, UR 91, ER -1015

The remaining Bisampt people, under the leadership of Mertaat, begin aggressions against Umorit.

UR 123, ER -983

Under the leadership of Pampt Pugas, the Umoritians defeat the Bisampt in the battle of __, and aggressions tempoarily cease.

UR 264, ER -842

Umorit grows to the size of a large town.

UR 527, ER -579

Umorit grows to the size of a small city.

UR 850, ER -276

Umorit grows to the size of a large city.

UR 1543, ER 417

Umorit grows to the size of a metropolis.

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