Umorit Empire


The Umorit Empire is a historic empire that once ruled most of the three continents.


Kûrt I

DR 7990, UR 1, ER -1105

The village of Umorit is founded by Kûrt as a fortified camp of five families on Pugit hill of the Bisampt people. Most Prominent Umoritians of the Empire can trace their lineage back to these five families. They are headed by Kûrt (Kûrs) {18}, Pâmpt (Pâmes) {15}, Îâst (Îâses) {13}, Pugat (Pugas) {11}, and Orprit (Orpris) {6}.

DR 8004, UR 15, ER -1091

Two more Bisampt families join the village of Umorit. They are the Mufimît (Mufimîas) {11} and the Kimet (Kimes) {9}

Pugat I

DR 8021, UR 32, ER -1074

Umorit is attacked and besieged by a tribe of Luos people called the Fadime. Chief Kuurt I, aged 64, is killed and leadership of Umorit is passed on to Chief Pugat I.

Bimiat I

DR 8042, UR 53, ER -1053

Chief Pugat I dies aged 75, succeeded by Chief Bimiat Kûrs.

DR 8046, UR 57, ER -1049

The Fadime people reach a truce, and as part of the terms, two families of the Fadime are added to the Clans of the Umorit: Lehok (Leokot, Leokos) {22}, and Diloshu, (Dilocut, Dilocos) {20}, as Chief Bimiat Kûrs realises that to survive, Umorit must grow. For a long time afterwards, the population of Umorit is genetically roughly 25% Fadime and 75% Bisampt, and most Umorit citizens can trace their lineage back to one of the 9 clans. Many Umoritians proudly announce their Fadime heritage. Outside Umorit, the remaining Fadime are absorbed into other Luos clans, in turn to eventually be conquered and absorbed into the Empire.

DR 8057, UR 68, ER -1038

Umorit expands to the size of a small town.

Pâmpt I

DR 8070, UR 81, ER -1025

Chief Bimiat Kûrs is assassinated aged 45, and is succeeded by Chief Pâmpt Pugas aged 23.

DR 8080, UR 91, ER -1015

The remaining Bisampt people, under the leadership of Mertât, begin aggressions against Umorit.

UR 123, ER -983


Under the leadership of Chief Pâmpt Pugas, the Umoritians defeat the Bisampt in the battle of Tabrit, and aggressions tempoarily cease.

Matît I

UR 129, ER -977

Chief Pâmpt Pugas dies aged 71, and is succeded by Chief Matît I Orpris, aged 23.

Mikret I

UR 156, ER -950

Chief Matît I Orpris dies aged 50, and is succeeded by Chief Mikret I Orpris, aged 21.

UR 160, ER -946

Chief Mikret I Orpris declares himself Lord of Umorit.

UR 171, ER -935

The Bisampt tribe lays seige to Umorit. Mikret I is able to secure support from neighbouring villages and break the seige. The surviving Bisampt are captured and enslaved. The influence of Umorit is further strengthened in the region.


Afet I

UR 202, ER -904

Lord Mikret I dies, aged 67, and is succeeded by Lord Afet Leokos, aged 18.

Tabrit I

UR 241, ER -865

Lord Afet dies, aged 57, and is succeeded by Lord Tabrit I Îâses, aged 20.

UR 264, ER -842

Umorit grows to the size of a large town.

Tacat I

UR 297, ER -809

Lord Tabrit I dies, aged 76, and is succeded by Lord Tacat Dilocos aged 18.

Râkot I

UR 343, ER -763

Lord Tacat dies, aged 64, and is succeeded by Lord Râkot I Mufimîas aged 24.

Uplet I

UR 369, ER -737

Lord Râkot I dies, aged 50, and is succeeded by his son, Lord Uplet I Mufimîas aged 19.

Mikret II

UR 424, ER -682

Lord Uplet I dies, aged 74, and is succeeded by his son, Lord Mikret II Mufimîas, aged 49.

Tabrit II

UR 448, ER -658

Lord Mikret II dies, aged 73, and is succeeded by his son, Lord Tabrit II Mufimîas, aged 42.

Patuârmat I

UR 455, ER -651

Lord Tabrit II is killed when a Korumait tribe invades and takes control of Umorit, beginning the reign of Korumait lords. Prince Patwārma Hōphratrise (Patuârmat Upratrîs) becomes the first Korumait ruler of Umorit, at the age of 28.

Ûpsokret I

UR 473, ER -633

Prince Patwārma dies aged 46, and is succeeded by his son, Prince Wupsokhrē Hōphratrise (Ûpsokret Upratrîs), age 23.

UR 474, ER -632

The Gadan colony of Uvai begins incursions on Umorit territory, at the mouth of the Nîsit River, and the northeast plains.

UR 527, ER -579

Umorit grows to the size of a small city.

Epuofut I

UR 529, ER -577

Prince Wupsokhrē dies, aged 79, succeeded by his nephew Prince Hepwohōt Tsesaklwāks (Epuofut Sesagluâks), age 22.

Guîtuabît I

UR 561, ER -545

Prince Hepwohōt dies, aged 54, succeeded by his son Prince Kwitwawi Tsesaklwāks (Guîtuabît Sesagluâks), age 31.

Bâboset I

UR 586, ER -520

Prince Kwitwawi dies, aged 56, succeeded by his daughter Princess Wāwose Tsesaklwāks (Bâboset Sesagluâks), age 27.

Pugat II

UR 611, ER -495

Princess Wāwose dies, aged 52, succeeded by her son, Prince Pōkat II Trwotahēks (Pugat II Trodaiks), age 22.

Paduklukt I

UR 646, ER -460

Prince Pōkat II dies, aged 57, succeeded by his son, Prince Phatwōklōk Trwotahēks (Paduklukt Trodaiks), age 22.

Râkot II

UR 691, ER -415

Prince Paduklukt dies, aged 67, succeeded by his son, Prince Râkot II Trodaiks, age 50.

Cerelt I

UR 693, ER -413

Prince Râkot II dies, aged 52, succeeded by his son, Prince Cerelt Trodaiks, age 20.

Ûbrit I

UR 742, ER -364

Prince Cerelt dies, aged 69, succeeded by his daughter, Princess Ûbrit Kûrs, age 41.

UR 749, ER -357

Princess Ûbrit and her husband, Lord Matît Kûrs, wage a campaign to put an end to incursions from Uvai. Uvai is conquered, extending the range of influence of Umorit


Matît II

UR 771, ER -335

Princess Ûbrit dies, aged 70, succeeded by her husband, Prince Matît II Kuurs, age 67. Thus ends the reign of the Korumait dynasties in Umorit.

Uplet II

UR 774, ER -332

Prince Matît II dies, aged 70, succeeded by his son Uplet II Kûrs, age 38.

Kûrt II

UR 791, ER -315

Prince Uplet II dies, aged 55, succeeded by his nephew Kûrt II Dilocos, age 27.

UR 806, ER -300

Prince Kûrt II dies, aged 42, succeeded by his son, Râkot III Dilocos, age 8.

UR 850, ER -276

Umorit grows to the size of a large city.

UR 1543, ER 417

Umorit grows to the size of a metropolis.

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