Ukuro was born somewhere in Devastra, to parents unknown; they were left on the streets very early in life, perhaps abandoned or perhaps when parents met an untimely end. At any rate, it was not long before the crime lord Griedas coaxed them off the streets with the lure of food and shelter, eventually to recruit as one of his "Little Lambs" in a life of pickpocketing and other petty thievery.

One day Ukuro walked in on Griedas when he was in a meeting with some other men. Griedas flew into a rage, and shouted "what did you see? what did you hear?" Ukuro insisted nothing, but he didn't believe them, and tortured Ukuro before finally leaving them for dead in a refuse pile.

Somehow Ukuro managed to survive the ordeal, and after recovering back to health has managed to eke out a spartan living in "The Stilts" area of Devastra, finding low paying jobs in kitchens, and supplementing with some opportune pickpocketing.

Ukuro has also dedicated themselves to becoming an accomplished fencer, for protection and for revenge on Griedas and others who seek to take advantage of the innocent. At beginning of campaign Ukuro has decided to seek out a swordsmaster who can discretely give them further training, and heads to the Hocha Combat Academy…

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Ukuro character sheet


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