Uemeros is a warm region north of the Luero Kol Mountains in southeast Nalbadonas. It is located on the coast south of Nazuvé, north of Tamár, and east of Luejevor. The region takes its name from Uemeros Lake a large freshwater lake in the southeast of the region surrounded by cities.


The region has been inhabited by humans since the Elven exodus in the Age of Dwarves. The north and east were predominantly inhabited by the Nazu, and the southeast by the Sulertiat. The region saw an influx of Umoritians during the height of the Umorit Empire, particularly in the southeast, but also along the coast.

Regions and Features

Uemeros Lake

Both the name of the lake and the surrounding county, which makes up the heartland of Uemeros. Serzas, the capital of Uemeros is located here.

Balyo Coast

The east coast of Uemeros is a hilly wooded county north of county Uemeros Lake.

Rentaki Island

This large island to the northeast of Uemeros falls under the jurisdiction of county Balyo Coast.

Ruuga Valley

County Ruuga Valley is a grassy meadowland where the Ruuga river flows north from the Leuro Kol Mountains into the Nazuve gulf.

Pierthi Forest

The Pierthi Forest is a lightly wooded region that divides the Ruuga Valley from Zeluom.


County Zeluom is the northwesternmost county of Uemeros, and borders Harunthar in Nazuve.


County Erasán is the southwestern reagion of Uemeros in the foothills of the Luero Kol Mountains.

Neighbouring Regions

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