the Tithagry Church of Eo

The Tithagry Church of Eo is the name of the official religious community of worshippers of Eo in most Tithagry communities. The Tithagry Church is descended from the teachings of the Churches founded in the Samnet valley when the Korum peoples began to turn away from the worship of the elements. It has evolved over time to champion the values of freedom and community, which in turn has helped mould Tithagry culture into its unique present form. As the Tithagry people have spread, Tithagry churches have been planted throughout northern Nalbadonas.


Religion: Follower of Eo
Alignment: Any Good (often Chaotic or Social)
Skill: Knowledge (religion) 1 rank


One Time
Two Character Levels +1 per
Knowledge (religion) 5-8 ranks +1
Knowledge (religion) 9+ ranks +2
Perform 3+ ranks +1
Two Cleric Levels +1 per
Three Goliard Levels +1 per
Four Paladin Levels +1 per
Chaotic or Social Alignment +2
Multiple Use
Donation of 1000 G to the church +1
Participate in a public religious celebration or event +1
Forgive a debt exceeding 100 G +1
Free somebody wrongfully imprisoned +2
Organise, run, or lead a public religious celebration +3
Build a major public work whose primary function is to benefit the community
Fail to donate to the church for 1 month -1
Own a slave -1
Perform an evil act -2
Abuse a slave -3
Abandon a dependant family member -4

Organisation Benefits

Affiliation Score Title Benefits and Duties
4 or lower Not Affiliated
5 - 14 Brother or Sister Male: +2 to diplomacy checks with moral/philosophical implications in line with the teachings of the church
Female: +2 to sense motive checks involving humans of Tithagry heritage.
15 - 22 Deacon or Deaconess +2 to saving throws made against petrification, paralysis, and enchantment (compulsion) effects.
23 - 29 Father or Mother Once per day may re-roll a caster level check made to overcome spell resistance of evil outsiders.
The better result of the two may be used.
30+ Priest or Priestess tba
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