The Littlest Magician

As the party is walking south, back towards the coast, you enter a pleasant green valley, with fields and farms and small villages. The day is warm and sweet, and you are about 1 hour's walk from the inn where you plan to spend the night. As you walk along, enjoying the calm day and idealic setting, the peace is punctured by shouting from a farm house just ahead along the road. Just as the words start to become distinct, a girl bursts out of the house, followed closely by her father, who has a broken broom in his hand. She runs screaming and crying towards Dagobras, and hides behind him.

Nessa at level 1

"That'll do you no good, Nessa" says the man, now calmer and walking slowly towards the party. He addresses Taeke "I walks in from the field, you see, to fetch something from the house, and I find the broom sweeping all of its own, if you follow me. She was there, alright, but she was a seated on the table, you understand, metres away. She got no books, right, so how is she making the magic? My daughter be a witch, or worse a sorcerer!"

"No!" screams the child, and as she bursts into tears, her clothes turn from red to purple, then blue, and finally darken to black. "I don't make things happen, they just happen around me, so I use them. I didn't ask the broom to move, it just kept sweeping after I let go, just like the dishes keep washing themselves and the knitting needles keep moving, I just have to keep thinking about them and they do it. Nobody told me how to do it." It's hard to decipher between sobs, but Nessa seems to be saying that she's tried to stop, but it keeps happening.

"Come on Nessa, come with me. We will see the minister, and he will probably have you stoned. It's for your own good." The father holds out his hand and takes a step towards Dagobras.

"No!" screams Nessa again, and this time her father is hit by a shower of small burning rocks from the sky, some of which bounce and singe the hair on Dagobras' feet. Nessa seems surprised at the manifestation, but still hides behind the orc.

The man glares at the party expectantly.

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