Sybil Dodona
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Sybil is one of the Deoristri, a group descended from the original Human inhabitants of Devastra. Like most Deoristri, Sybil lives outside of the city limits in her family's home. Though they are not particularly well off financially, or socially, the Dodona's are proud of their lineage and each member of the family is tutored by the older generations from within the family home itself.

When Sybil started showing signs of magic linked to her Sorcerous Bloodline, her parents were very proud and her Grandmother instructed her in the ways of the Harrow. Sybil's younger brother Idris was jealous of this special treatment and made that jealousy very clear.
One morning soon after Sybil's magical awakening, Idris was missing from his bed, having left a note in scrawling Solierthan that he was running away to the city to seek his fortune and to prove his worth.

Sybil took it upon herself to search for Idris and safely return him home. Sybil searched the old city for many days, buying and selling oddments to make ends meet, until learning about Griedas and his methods of grooming children as pick pockets.

After receiving a marked Harrow card requesting her appearance, Sybil met up with a group of adventurers, all with their own reasons to seek Griedas out.

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