Special Materials


This steel is forged with a special mineral that gives the steel an iridescent blue finish, and the peculiar property that it repels most other metals. Armours made of bluesteel grant a deflection bonus to AC against attacks made with metal weapons. The more metal used in the armour's construction the greater repelling effect of the bluesteel.

Type of Bluesteel Item Item Cost Modifier Deflection Bonus
Light Shield +1000 G +1
Light Armour or Heavy Shield +4000 G +2
Medium Armour or Tower Shield +9000 G +3
Heavy Armour +16 000 G +4


Weapons and armour made of orichalcum must be magically hardened to be effective, therefore only orichalcum weapons and armour with enhancement bonuses can be used without being quickly destroyed by use. Only weapons and armour normally made of steel can be made of orichalcum. They weigh 1.5 times as much as their steel counterparts. Their cost is increased by 100G per pound of the new weight. One-handed orichalcum weapons have a +2 bonus to damage rolls, and two-handed orichalcum weapons have a +3 bonus to damage rolls. Characters have a -1 penalty to hit using orichalcum weapons. Armour made of orichalcum grants the wearer double the DR, however it increases the weight so much that a piece of light armour made of orichalcum is considered medium armour, a piece of medium armour made of orichalcum is considered heavy armour, and heavy armour can not be made of orichalcum because it is too heavy to be worn. The armour check penalty is also increased by -2.

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