Songspring Abbey
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Songspring Abbey has long been a landmark near Elafit point at the tip of the Chakkom peninsula in Luosim, with its stately tower standing sentinel as a beacon over the straits of Belberan. It is about 15 miles west of the city of Skuoget.


The abbey was founded in ER 482 after the conquest of Gazand by Saint Siedot as a retreat from the growing political associations of the church of Umorit. While part of Luosim but separate from the mainland, and also at the mouth of the White Sea, people of faith from around the White and Blue Seas could congress and discuss religion and philosophy.
The abbey itself was built over the ruins of a much older site; an ancient temple of Amnul that was built thousands of years ago during the Age of Neglaukh. The shrine of Amnul consists of a pair of "Doors of Darkness", which are thought to be a symbolic portal to the dark of the underworld and the planes of the dead.
During the ceturies, a town grew around the abbey and temples of various other faiths and sects have sprung up nearby. The town has become a well-known pilgrammage for Goliards and scholars of the faiths for this reason.

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