A region in northeast Kenemas, Simoit is connected to Tamár by the isthmus of Lomut. Most of Simoit's population live on lands that drain into the White sea, but the region has a presence on the Thelabe Sea as well.

Sites and Features


Setur is a large city on the White Sea.


Ebagoret is a large inland city in Simoit.


Onolen is a large city at the mouth of the Uguede river.

Chakkom Mountains

The Chakkom Mountains divide Enduazim from Simoit, and stretch from the Muraks Mountains in the East to the Chakkom peninsula, which is considered part of Luosim these days, though many in Enduazim see it as an extension of those lands.

Muraks Mountains

The northern reaches of the Muraks Mountains are in Eastern Simoit.

Neighbouring Regions

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