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The Caravel is one of the most common seafaring ships. Solid, adaptable, and good for long distances, the caravel is useful for transporting goods and people across the seas. The Caravel is a highly maneuverable and very fast three-masted ship. It is usually rigged with square sails on the foremast and the mainmast, often with a square topsail on the mainmast, and a lateen sail on the mizzenmast for maneuverability. Sometimes the square sails are substituted for lateen sails for efficient and maneuverable travel over shallower waters; the square sails are optimal for travel across larger seas. Caravels are perhaps the best ship for maneuvering shallow coastal waters, and can even sail up rivers deeper than 15 feet. Most caravels have a boat on the poop deck (not shown on most of the provided deck plans), and usually caravels designed for passenger transport include a second boat midship. Most caravels carry two ballistae for armament, though a caravel can accomodate three ballistae or two ballistae and one catapult.

Size: Colossal vehicle
Seaworthiness: +3
Shiphandling: +2
Speed: wind x30 ft
Overall AC: -3
Hull Sections: 24
Sink: 6
Section HP: 80 (hardness 5)
Section AC: 3
Rigging Sections: 3
Rigging HP: 80 (hardness 0)
Rigging AC: 1
Ram: 3d6
Maximum Mounts: 2 light, 1 heavy
Space: 75 ft. by 20 ft.
Height: 61 ft. / 18 ft. / 5 ft.
Draught: 10 ft.
Complement: 58 / 7
Cargo Capacity: 3875 cu'
Cargo Tonnage: 120
Cost: 10 000 gp

Flying Ships

25-foot Vessel

50-foot Vessel

75-foot Vessel

100-foot Vessel

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