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Sheila Sets Out

In a small town called Tingrin north of Kagriskry a young girl by the name of Sheila lived there with her Grandfather. He was a rugged old Man who worked in the mine just outside the town; he had been taking Sheila to the mine ever sinceshe was 5years old. Her Mother Melissa has struggled to support the two of them since Sheila's Father left then when she was 3 years old. They moved to live with Sheila's Grandfather shortly thereafter.
Sheila was always interested in the mining equipment; she played with it all the time and her Grandfather would tell her whet it was used for. But every time she went to the mine she was told she was not allowed to go in, so she had to stay outside and watch all the carts, pulleys and equipment in motion. Every so often, a small group of monsters would inhabit small sections of the tunnels and the miners would have to fight them off to get to the ore. When she was growing up her mother used to tell her stories about her father and how he moved away to find more money to support them. He allways tried to sell people anything he could find for a quick buck. Like one time he tried to sell a man dirt to fill a hole in that man's yard. He tried all sorts of things to make money; "nothing comes for free" he allways used to say. One day when Sheila was 15, she was out helping her Grandfather at the mine when a goblin came and attacked. She picked up a shovel and defended her grandfather. That night she went home and worried about her grandfather and decided that she would tack up the sword the help defend the miners. She practised to practice with the sword and bow every morning, and help the miners out afternoon. She helped build wooden towers and gates to help look out for monsters and keep them out. Having watched and helped out here and there she wanted to learn more so she went south to learn about how to build so stopped at every library on her way to learn more about how things work. One day on a ship she noticed an elf so she talked with her and noticed she was a wizard, "wow, that's neat; I want to know how to do that" she thought.

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