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Sezaniol is the northernmost kingdom of Nazuve, and is ruled by the port city of Orentas. It is constantly at war with the Orc Kingdom of Chanor, and frequently its Western province of the Luluevuza Valley is entirely occupied by orcish forces.
Sezaniol consists of three main regions:

Luluevuza Valley

This wide, fertile valley is relatively densely populated.


Poskra is a small city in western Sezaniol. It is often under orcish control.


Truenso is a large town on the Luluevuza river.

Luluevuza Delta


Orentas is a large city between the Luluevuza river and the Thelabe Sea, and the capital of Sezaniol.


Only 20 miles from Orentas, Tando is a large town at the mouth of the Luluevuza river.


This district consists of lakes and hills. The western portion suffers many incursions of orcs from Chanor, with whom its western boundary is disputed. To the north are the forested lands of the wood elves of the Canwar Coast. To the northwest are the feet of the Canwar Mountains.


Sotave is a small city on the Canwar Coast of Santabaras.


A small town on Cathalba lake, just west of Sotave

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