The hub of Seothlekh is a decadent society of mages and their families who make the city a leading supplier or arcane lore and equipment in Sugol. The city's luxuries are amplified by many parks and wild spaces which are tended by druids who are strangely at home in the refined urban environment. A middle class of burgesses ensure that the mages and druids want for nothing in their pursuits while hidden beneath the streets in an undercity teeming unwashed masses of serf's slaves, and magically enslaved creatures eke out an existence and serve the whims of their many masters above.


Seothlekh began as a jumble of buildings two miles south of the ?? river created by a guild of mages of the budding town of ?? who were seeking a quiet place to pursue their formulae and arcane secrets. The town of Old Seothlekh grew as enterprising burgesses developed fine shops, eateries, and other purveyors of extravagances for the studious wizards.
In the early history of the town there was a fierce conflict with druids of the high peaks of the ?? mountains over an intersection of ley-lines exploited by the town's founders to study planar lore and divination. After two years of hostilities, and an alarming crescendo of assassinations on both sides new leaders stepped forward and forged a new accord.
In modern times the conflict between mage and druid has been long forgotten and both sects wield tremendous power within the city fairly equitably.


Size: Large Town
Population: about 6 000
City Rights: Market right, Citizen rights, Burgess rights, Taxation right

Demographics: 62% human, 7% farrugh, 12% dwarf, 7% half-orc, 5% drughu, 4% halfling, 2% orc, 1% other.
Languages: Tithagry 99%, Taular 40%, Trade Common 60%, Maritime Common 4%, Old Umorit 20%, Low Elven 15%, Drughu 2%, Sylvan 15%.1
Other Names:

Sites and Features

The Grand Library

The Grand Library is owned and operated by the Lord of the town, it is rumored that nearly any spell of piece of knowledge known to the men of Sugol can be found somewhere amongst these sprawling halls of tomes, those who seek knowledge are well advised to bring coin as the librarians can be singularly unhelpful unless they are heavily bribed.

The Shop District

A place to purchase luxurious goods from all over the known world, fresh goods teleported in daily, although spell components are plentiful here, magic items are a rarity as few of the merchants wish to compete with the guild mages.

The towers

Dozens of towers define the skyline of Mejyn, the taller and more elaborate towers belong invariably to the oldest and more powerful wizards. Some towers are grown rather than built where druids have emulated the wizards


Lord Nortalm

Lord of the Town of Seothlekh

Tower Mayor Tolorin

A seasoned yet uncreative mage, Tolorin has all but abandoned his studies in pursuit of keeping the beaurcrats in line, he was appointed directly by the lord and will likely serve until passes away.

Leaf Mayor Lykne

Lykne, appointed by consensus of the local druids oversees the green spaces of Seothlekh. She has no authority on the streets, and Tolorin holds no sway over her forests.


Save for the occasional foray out for supplies the human wizard Indilmiad has been ensconced in his formidable tower for nearly two decades. The mage is nearing a hundred and seventy years of age and is rumored alternately to have discovered the secret to eternal youth, or has become a lich. Those who venture into his tower are never heard from again.

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