The largest city in the Egwaeon Valley, Sembalaen, is located at the mouth of the Egwaeon river. It is the gateway to trade in the valley as well as surrounding regions, and is one of the busiest ports on the south coast of the Caphalgi sea.


Size: Large City
City Rights: Wall right, Market right, Mint right, citizen rights, taxation, judiciary
Demographics: 60% human, 20% farrugh, 10% orc, 5% dwarf, 2% halfling, 2% half-orc, 1% other.
Languages: Taular 95%, Maritime Common 50%, Tithagry 35%, Trade Common 25%, Old Umorit 5%, Low Elven 3%
Other Names: Thomalend (Tithagry), Stamfaaienth (Maritime Common), Sœmbalän (Dwarven)

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