This northernmost region of Agnurvarsia is the region most colonised by Olveans, and includes the very successful colony of Magnilu.

Sites and Features

Magnilu M.pngA.png%C3%91.pngI.pngL.pngU.png


Magnilu is a recolonised city at the site of an ancient Gnorbaran Empire port on the Blue Sea. It has the remains of one of the original nine wonders of the ancient word, the Great Bridge of Ondost, which spanned the distance to Astogant, a large island 17 miles offshore.


Frostcap is the highest peak in the Selubian mountains of northern Agnurvarsia. It is also the only peak with a permanent ice-cap in Kenamas. in ER 1362 adventurers from the Blue Sea Trading Company discovered a derelict dragon's lair still occupied by the ghost of an ancient dragon that was a former giant's lair.


Camp is a large town in the foothills of the Selubian Mountains on the Paluimo river.

Lamp of Deleftes D.pngE.pngL.pngE.pngF.pngT.pngE.pngS.png

The Lamp of Deleftes is an ancient Gnorbaran lighthouse on the Selubian coast south of Magnilu.

Great Bridge of Ondost O.pngN.pngD.pngO.pngS.pngT.png

The Great Bridge of Ondost is one of the original nine wonders of the ancient world. The original bridge spanned 17 miles from Magnilu to the island of Astogant

Oshuina O.pngS.pngC.pngU.pngI.pngN.pngA.png

Oshuina is an Olvean colony on the northern coast of Selubia, situated on an island at the mouth of the Paluimo river. A nearby gnomish village dates back to the dark ages of Agnurvarsia

Astogant A.pngS.pngT.pngO.pngG.pngA.pngN.pngT.png

Astogant is a medium sized island 17 miles off the coast of Selubia.

Paluimo River P.pngA.pngL.pngU.pngI.pngM.pngO.png

Neighbouring Regions

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