Rylan's Running Commentary

As of last meet, we were going to the pirate's lair, to stop him from piracying, steal his treasure, and rescue the Telieno

We got treasure from defeated Merrow

going right around the lake, Balas attacked by assassin vine —> unconscious, but ducked out after being healed, killed by DaggerBreath. Treasure!

We find a statue with a missing arm, and go down the path the statue pointed, leaving sticks to mark the ones we didn't take. Attacked by dire weasels, who have no treasure.

We come to a grassy knoll, who comes to life and attacks It gets attacked back, and gets killed from within - from the golliard, who he swallowed whole.

We found a hole with treasure, stuff, and a deck of illusion cards. Blandt escapes.

The return trip to town was uneventful, and it is decided to take passengers, crew and cargo to Chorenthal, to reduce costs. A storm strikes, and Rylan climbs the crows nest and sees the cape - just in time to save the ship from crashing, and delivering the crew safely.

We find out that ships running aground happens often, and we agree that a lighthouse is a good idea and find out that dwarves were hired to build one but were scared off by a dragon.

If we can get the lighthouse up and running, Rylan will become a burgess.

We offer to build the keep and maintain it, and taking care of the dragon. 1 % PA of goods plus 42000g. We walk out to the site and find …

a ring of foundation stones and a seagull, who speaks to Sheila and tells her there's a dragon in a cave at the bottom of the cliff.

So we decide to go looking for it. We buy a chain from town and attach it to the foundation and climb down. We enter the cave and there it is. But not really, it's an illusion, which doesn't fool the cleric or the gnome, but baffles everyone else. When the illusion is dealt with, the party goes into the cave system, where they find sharpened stalagmites, and another room with cave fishers. Then they go on to discover orcs and ogres. Atremis goes on some crazy crusade to find out who orcs reproduce.

We go down a hallway and Balas gets hit with a javelin, so we kill the ogre, we then go into a room with two ogres, who kill Balas, so we kill them dead.

We go back into town and hire Gressle, and then go back out and down to meet the aboleth. He dominates three party members, but managed to save the party by holding the orc, protecting the gnome, and sticking the halfling in a haversack.

Went back to town to take a break (and remove the party from the aboleth's influence).

Going back through a hole in the ceiling, the party explores the upper level of the dungeon, with many doors, and many hallways, and (it turns out) ogres with a harem of orcs. We kill most of them, but save 4 orcs, who we put to work quarrying rocks to build the lighthouse/monestary.

We go back and get to a lower level, where we find creepy slimy oozey things that are almost invisible, but almost swallow the party whole.

But they get dead awful quick, along with a destrachan that's distracted when we use a wand of silence. Who new? Anyways, we're almost done this forever dungeon-maze. Tomorrow, we're gonna gome back, kick some doors and erase some names.

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