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Rylan's Running Commentary

Character History

Location: Gythalpi

Mr. Durgstrom,
Your middle son, Rylan, has successfully completed his first year of training at the theological seminary here in Gythalpi. As you are no doubt well aware, he has finished near the top of his class. We cannot, however, offer him continued studies here at this time due to some behavioural issues, of which I am sure you are also well aware. There is a great need for young men to go to the city of Corenthal, where we are currently expanding our monastery and attaching a school. I feel certain that a few years in the field will do wonders for his attitude and he will be welcomed into our midst with much experience to match his faith. Thank you once again for your generous donation.
Prelate Acaru

Character History (Part 2) – “just the facts” version

  • Physical Description
  • White, Blue-Eyed, Blonde, Human Male
  • Six feet tall, 162 pounds, 22 years old
  • Drop Dead Sexy – the kind you think you’d never have a chance with
  • Sparkling eyes and teeth, killer smile, dimple on chin and right cheek
  • Tattoo of Holy Symbol on left calf he doesn’t remember getting
  • Early Youth
  • Born in the town of Gythalpi to a ship owner/merchant and his first wife
  • Second of three sons and multiple daughters
  • Being second son, was frequently overlooked and ignored by parents/hired caregivers
  • Used to the freedoms of social status, but not the responsibilities
  • Young Adulthood
  • Classically educated, with emphasis on literature, music and logics
  • Very little aptitude in mathematics, mechanics and sports
  • Implicated in a series of small scandals and social gaffes in upper social circles
  • Was enrolled by parents in seminary after incident in the lord’s personal zoo
  • At the Seminary
  • Admission was granted after donation of a new chapel in the poor area of town
  • Disciplined several times for minor rules infractions and behavioural issues
  • Adopted the name “GazeSeeker” after controversially obtaining lead baritone in choir
  • After first year of training, was sent to port city of Corinthal to continue his education far away
  • Personal Information
  • Favourite lessons: debate, logic, and the elf that taught them
  • Likes: the Spotlight, theatre, wine, music, community ministries, stories
  • Dislikes: 4am prayers, rules without reason, electrical storms, undead
  • Goals: none at the moment, other than not getting caught

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