1.03.1 Riding the Wave

Location: On the Open Ocean

It's all quite simple, really.
We have our own ship - the Smoky Diamond - and Blant is on the Agethlu east coast
We got the ship because we took it in payment of having defended the Dutiful Dwarf
We boarded the Dutiful Dwarf in Sodave, we got to Sodave on the Impulsive
We got onto the Impulsive in Dagyrab. Nothing happened on the way to Sodave
We got to Dagyrab on the Wet Puffin and Silver Hornet
We won the Silver Hornet from the Water Wolves, when they attacked the Wet Puffin
We stopped at Rumeis to pay a toll - it's boring
We saved a Wet Puffin crewman from a Seacat
We hire our way onto the Wet Puffin in Corinthal in order to bait pirates
We agree to help Gregongo get his best ship (Telieno) back from Pirate Captain Blant

We are all on the same wave now. Right?

Captain Blant's Poem

Fore dance the morn of summers day
And dance full round but wary be
Ye partner's fierce and wierd design
What wrought of madness madness wreaks
Now into choking darkness' ring
And delve the path light fears to tread
But steals away in darkness deep
Three pillars mark the subtle way
And covert path to unseen parts
Where lay a mere, though no mere spring
Pierce through indeed the strongest hearts
And turned to dust what from stone hewn
Would mark the true not scriven path
Proceeding hill and dale to mark
My fortune planted in the earth
Your hazard sown beyond a bluff

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