1.03 Rematch

Location: Aboard the Wet Puffin

While sailing south towards Dagyrab, one of the rigging lines snaps, and someone yells to Dagobras to get a new line of rope from below decks. While attempting to fetch a new halyard, Dagobras is approached by an earlier aggravated Hwagoraut.

Hwagoraut slams the hold's trap door shut and jumps down the ladder.

"What's wrong, orc-boy, can't find some rope?"

Dagobras, uncaring of Hwagorauts arrival replies; "I'm having no problems with the task at hand here."

Hwagoraut sneers back, "oi, don't get smart with me piggy," he swaggers over behind the searching orc, "or you'll find more than just rope, oi! Didn't ye learn good from last time, boy?"

Dagobras rises up from searching through a pile of rope and cables to look Hwagoraut dead in the face "I will no longer allow you to test the diplomacy I have shown towards you, in respect to my fellow guild members and our quest."

Hwagoraut grins menacingly, "I got more than a beatin' in mind for you this time 'round, orc." He swings his left fist connecting solidly to Dagobras' skull.

Dagobras, now wildly excited from left hook and without Rylan nearby to help cool his temper, throws a punch at Hwagoraut's right temple in rage. Hwagoraut tries to take advantage of the orc's quick burst to throw a kick at his left leg under the wild swing, but misses completely. He reels from the power of Dagobras' punch, but quickly returns a swing of his own, hitting the orc square in the jaw. Dagobras stunned by the blow, gives his head a shake and then raises his right arm to smash the left shoulder of Hwagoraut.

"Gettin' tired of punchin'!" Hwagoraut yells as he grabs onto Dagobras' chop, and swings and arm around the orc's neck.

Dagobras spins around quickly to try and shake off Hwagorauts hold. Hwagoraut leaps onto Dagobras' back, trying to grab onto him from behind as he swings around. This time Hwagoraut gets a firm grip around the orc's back. Dagobras continues to struggle with Hwagoraut, attempting to throw him from his grapple, and Hwagoraut flies back as Dagobras spins and launches him off his back, landing with a thud on the deck a few feet away.

With Hwagoruat now on the floor of the lower deck, Dagobras kicks him in the mouth. Hwagoraut grunts as Dagobras' foot connects with his head, but rising to his feet, he charges the orc with his arms out. Dagobras resists Hwagorauts second attempt to grapple, but his fist misses as he tries to throw a punch towards Hwagoraut. Hwagoraut struggles trying to grab at Dagobras' swinging arms, but the strong orc is able to keep knocking his arms away.

Dagobras cracks his right elbow over the back of Hwagorauts skull and pushes him away. "THIS STILL FUN HUMAN?!"

"Oi, I'll get you sooner or later," Hwagoraut threatens as he shakes off the ringing in his head. Half turning as if in pain, Hwagoraut suddenly twists back and grabs onto The orc's neck and arm. Dagobras forcefully slams Hwagoraut into the side of the ships hull and lets out a fierceful grunt.

"Now you're getting into it," Hwagoraut grins maniacally. He struggles to force the orc against the wall, but can't manage to keep him there.

Dagobras throws a wild swing at Hwagoraut's side, but Hwagoraut uses the orc's momentum against him, and spins him around and thrusts him against the wall, holding him there with his arm behind his back.

"Looks like it might be sooner," Hwagoraut taunts.

Dagobras struggles, but is unable to escape Hwagoraut's pin.

"Hold still," Hwagoraut breathes on the back of Dagobras' neck, "Your turn for 'initiation'," he says as he loosens his belt with his free hand. With a burst of adrenaline, Dagobras breaks free of Hwagorauts arm hold.

Startled by Dagobras' sudden move, Hwagoraut throws a punch against the orc's head, desperately trying to beat him into submission. Dagobras tries to throw his attacker down to the floor, but Hwagoraut manages to stand his ground. He grabs onto the orc tight and pins his shoulders against the wall."Stubborn pig, aren't ya?"

Dagobras continues to try to resist Hwagorauts hold and shows a slight smile. "We're just getting warmed up"

Hwagoraut scowls, "get down, piggy!" he yells, yanking on the orc's arm to try to pull him down to the floor. Dagobras laughs at Hwagorauts attempt and in return grabs him by the scruff of the neck and throws him against a cargo net near the front of the hull. Hwagoraut lands heavily on the planks of the deck, twists around and tries tojut his legs out and trip up the orc, but his feet get tied up in his breeches. Dagobras begins to laugh hysterically as he sees Hwagoraut flopping on the floor with his pants around his ankles; "Good luck having your fun now"! Dagobras sees the opportunity and kicksHwagoraut square in the family beans with a heart aching blow.

Hwagoraut lets out a muffled, but intense "OOF!" as he suddenly sits up to desperately try to protect himself, too late of course. As he slowly re-opens his screwed shut eyes, he manages only to inhale before dropping back onto his back, fully unconcious.

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