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The majority of conventional religions revere above all others a single supreme deity known as Eo. Naturally, Eo has many different names in different languages and amongst different peoples, but this is the simplest and most universally recognised.
Though much of the world reveres the same god, there is no paucity of variety in the ways in which Eo is worshipped, and observed. The different churches vary greatly in laws, traditions, and teachings, depending on which prophets and teachers of history they favour.

Church Alignments Domains Favoured Weapon(s)
Holy Umorit Church LG, RG Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Law, Protection Light Hammer, Warhammer
Tithagry Church CG, SG Chaos, Community]]], Good, Healing, Liberation, Luck Flail, Heavy Flail
Noruvau Church SG, LG Charm, Community, Good, Law, Magic, Repose Shortbow
Grey Elf Church SG, RG Community, Glory, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Rune Longbow
High Elf Church LG, CG Chaos, Good, Healing, Law, Liberation, Nobility Elven Curve Blade
Dawrven Church CG, RG Artifice, Earth, Fire, Liberation, Protection, War Pick (light or heavy)

The Revelations of Eo

In all the mainstream churches, it is traditional that Eo is revealed in several different ways. The following tables list all the Revelations of Eo, also known as Avatars, or Masks of Eo. Not all Revelations are observed in all traditions. Some clerics focus purely on one of the Revelations, and experience Eo only in that way.
Name Title Alignment Domains Favoured weapons
Eo Abantu The Crafter LG Artifice, Earth Hammer
Eo Matan The Healer SG Community, Healing Staff
Eo Diegun The Prophet RG Magic, Travel Staff
Eo Suolo The Spirit CG Air, Fire Sling

Eo Abantu, also known as Evant, Jovan, and many other names, is the form Eo took as creator of the planes, creating order out of chaos.
Eo Matan, also known as Umede, Jomat, among others, is the form of Eo as the healer, provider, and safeguarder of life.
Eo Diegun, also known as Jiho, Jozaio, etc. is the title given to various powerful oracle-priests of Eo who occasionally throughout history become the voice of Eo incarnate.
Eo Suolo, also known as Uffol, Josul, and other names


All the world trembles in fear of the servants of Chaol, the imprisonned one.

Sect Alignments Domains Favoured Weapon(s)
Thralls of Chaol LE, SE Charm, Darkness, Evil, Law, Madness, War Scimitar


Also known as the marrer, or ruin itself, Skolor's evil designs pervert nature and the intentions of Eo.
His symbol is a jagged line, usually depicted descending from left-to-right in five strokes, more rarely seven.

Sect Alignments Domains Favoured Weapon(s)
RE, CE Artifice, Chaos, Destruction, Evil, Madness Halberd
RE, CE Death, Destruction, Evil, Harm, Madness Halberd

The Powers

Some call them angels, some call them gods or demigods…


Lieutenant of Chaol. The maker of dragons.


The trickster.
Sect Alignments Domains Favoured Weapon(s)
CG, CN, CE Chaos, Luck Trickery Dagger

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