Prugo is a large town that once functioned as the northern outpost of the influence of Sembalaen of the Egwaeon Valley, and is located about halfway between Sembalaen and Khotham on the coast of the Caphalgi sea. The land surrounding Prugo is not nearly as fertile as that of the rest of the Egwaeon valley, and so fishing is of significant import to the town.

In 1350, Bishop Quervo installed a friend, Dazae as prevost of the church in Prugo. Dazae proved to be heretical, and infiltrated the town with an incubial presence, which proved to be the town's downfall. Elder Vost escaped to Corenthal, seeking help. A party of adventurers, aided by a Sembalaenian wizard, cleared the church of the incubial threat and killed prevost Dazae, leaving a vacuum of power, filled by General Eldoen, a young relative of Baron Gorjum, who lead a company from Corenthal to take power.

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