Pieret is a thrown weapon and dual-wielding half-orc-half-farrugh ranger. He wants to join the Ignieré rangers. He loves freedom and champions the cause of the imprisoned, enslaved, and oppressed.

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Pieret Level 2
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Pieret was born in slavery in Arosay, a town north of Shizelay in Kusont, Luejevor. His mother, Izouz, a farrugh cook, and his father, Dhrogheldagh, an orc heavy labour slave, are both owned by Lord Venk Montóroy of Arosay. Lord Venk used Dhrogheldagh to breed more slaves, so Pieret has a number of half-siblings among Venk's slaves, and some who've been sold to other slaveholders around Kusont. As a child, Pieret heard stories of the Rangers of Ignieré, and adventures in the mountains appealed far greater than the drudgery of slavery on an Luejevoran estate. Thus Pieret's plan of escape formed, and when he came of age he waited for the right moment to make his escape and head northwest to the mountains of Ignieré. On the road he met a farrugh named Venek. Pieret told Venek his story and his plans, and Venek decided to join Pieret. On Sharviat, the 25th of Masklon in ER 1368, the year of the Vine, Pieret and Venek arrived in the town of Oriot, in Télazir, Ignieré.

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