Pebdir Miklebot


As a child in Magnilu, the city’s ancient monuments inspired Pebdir with wonder. His fascination with these relics has only grown in the years since, encouraging him to join the scouts of the Blue Sea Trading Company so he can further quench his thirst for knowledge. Though he knows little about the actual lore of the monuments, he has studied these colossal works extensively, developing an in-depth knowledge of some of the city’s most famous landmarks.

Pebdir gains a +1 trait bonus on Knowledge (history) checks made in Agnurvarsia due to his familiarity with its historical remnants. This bonus increases to +2 if the check relates to the city of Magnilu. Additionally, he gains a +2 trait bonus on any skill check made to receive a boon from one of Magnilu’s magically imbued monuments (see Magnilu, City of Monuments for more details).

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After a rocky start with the Blue Sea Trading Company (specifically referring to the time that the idiot sadist of a Dwarf nearly killed him), Pebdir has begrudgingly grown to tolerate the eccentricities of his companions if for no other reason than to keep exploring the monument filled dungeons of Agnurvarsia.

Along the way, Pebdir has discovered a passion for poisons. Having encountered many a poisonous mindless insect early on with his companions, Pebdir has learned how to detect and extract these venoms with his alchemical skills in hopes of finding the perfect venom to repay the kindnesses shown to him by certain "comrades".

Having cataloged and/or collected many unique treasures while visiting ancient Agnurvarsian tombs and temples, Pebdir quickly ascended through the ranks of the Blue Sea Trading Company to become the official leader of his archeological expedition troupe. Unfortunately, a few of his brutish companions refuse to grant him the respect afforded by his hard-earned title so Pebdir's fay bloodline has brought forth many powerful talents required to dominate the minds of inferior fools.

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