Oziamian dominates trade on the East Blue Sea. Located on the mouth of the Zihik River, the impressive port and harbour is constantly full of ships.


Size: Large City
Population: about 21 000
Demographics: 79% human, 10% farrugh, 6.5% dwarf, 2% half-dwarf, 1.5% half-orc, 1% other
Languages: Enduad 95%, Maritime Common 65%, Trade Common 50%, Luosan 45%, Amazhei 15%, Solierthan 10%, Dwarven 9%, Olvean 7%, Orc 3%
Philosophy: Lawful 40%, Social 25%, Chaotic 20%, Rational 15%
Morality: Neutral 60%, Good 20%, Evil 20%


Oziamian is a principality. In ER 1350 (6), Prince Ivust was crowned prince of Oziamian. He rules Oziamian with the aid of a chamber of wealthyand ambitious consuls. Of note is Consul Pirum, who has ambitions for the expansion of influence of Oziamian throughout the Blue Sea.


Oziamian dates back to a human village site by the age of Neglaukh. It rose to be an important port to the Enduad Kingdom by the end of that age, and was a small city by the time it was conquered by the Umoritian Empire.

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