Oshuina is an Olvean colony on the northern coast of Selubia, situated on an island at the mouth of the Paluimo river. A nearby gnomish village dates back to the dark ages of Agnurvarsia


Size: Small city
Population: 7000
Demographics: 80% human, 10% gnome, 4% farrugh, 3% dwarf, 2% half-orc, 1% other
Languages: Olvean 90%, Maritime Common 65%, Trade Common 55%, Luosan 30%, Kemoi 15%, Beizehem 10%, Dwarven 5%, Enduazzian 3%, Orc 3%
Philosophy: Lawful 40%, Rational 25%, Social 20%, Chaotic 15%
Morality: Neutral 45%, Good 40%, Evil 15%


Gnorbarian Times

The site of Oshuina was off the coast of Selubia at the times of the Gnorbaran Empire, and few ruins of the ancient empire remain at the site of the city itself. Anything there would be buried under the land deposited by the Paluimo river and consist of ancient shipwrecks or items lost off of ancient trading ships or river boats and washed down to their present location. The Gnorbaran port was some 6 miles to the south of Oshuina, where the mouth of the Paluimo was at that time.

Dark Ages

The gnomish village of Tølinda was founded during the dark ages of Agnurvarsia, and has gradually followed the coast northwards as the Paluimo river deposited silt in seasonal floods forming the present delta.


When Olvean traders began exploring the Agnurvarsian coast during the waning years of the Umorit Empire, the Paluimo river became an important trade and travel route to the Selubian interior. Oshuina was founded in ER 1135, and though it was nearly eradicated by the great plague of 1138, it has thrived since.

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