Old Umorit


Family Gadan-Tamaric
Morphology Fusional
Word Order SOV



Front Back
Close i u
Near-close ɪ ʊ
Open-mid ɛ ɔ
Open a ɒ


Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m n (ɲ) (ŋ)
Plosive p, b t, d ɟ k
Fricative f s ɕ
Other l, r



Old Umorit was a tripartite language with six cases: nominative, accusative, ergative, vocative, genitive, and dative.

First Declension

"boy" sing. pl.
Nom palaant palaaner
Acc palaani palaaniit
Erg palaang palaanen
Voc palaanii palaanider
Gen palaanes palaanedi
Dat palaanel palaanelon

Second Declension

"dog" sing. pl.
Nom ganut ganur
Acc ganue ganuit
Erg ganug ganun
Voc ganui ganuider
Gen ganos ganodi
Dat ganul ganulon

Third Declension

"stone" sing. pl.
Nom fokot fokor
Acc foke fokuit
Erg foku fokur
Voc foki fokider
Gen fokos fokodi
Dat fokol fokolon

Fourth Declension

"sea" sing. pl.
Nom nidat nidar
Acc nida nidait
Erg nido nidan
Voc nide nideder
Gen nidas nidadi
Dat nidol nidolon

Fifth Declension

"skin" sing. pl. "wall" sing. pl.
Nom cent cener Nom mart mar
Acc cene cenon Acc mare maron
Erg ceng cenen Erg marg maren
Voc ceni cenider Voc mari marder
Gen cenas cendi Gen mars mardi
Dat cenol cenlon Dat marol marlon

Sixth Declension

"ash" sing. pl.
Nom buft bufer
Acc bufe bufon
Erg bufu bufur
Voc bufi bufider
Gen bufas bufti
Dat bufol bufolon

Seventh Declension

"hand" sing. pl.
Nom lemit lemir
Acc lemi lemiit
Erg lemig lemin
Voc lemii lemiider
Gen lemis lemidi
Dat lemiel lemilon

Eighth Declension

"bone" sing. pl.
Nom aadet aader
Acc aade aadit
Erg aado aaden
Voc aadi aadider
Gen aades aadedi
Dat aadel aadelon


Adjectives decline exactly as nouns.


Verbs have four conjugations

First Conjugation

pelame "to fear"
Indicative 1st sg. 2nd sg. 3rd sg. 1st pl. 2nd pl. 3rd.pl.
Present pela pelak pelaar pelabo pelagek pelaner
Imperfect pelago pelagok pelagor pelagobo pelagogek pelagoner
Future pepelad pepelack pepelaare pepelabo pepelagek pepelanere
Perfect pelo pelok pelaur pelomi pelogek peloner

Second Conjugation

dameme "to know"
Indicative 1st sg. 2nd sg. 3rd sg. 1st pl. 2nd pl. 3rd.pl.
Present dame damek damir damebo damegek damener
Imperfect damego damegok damegor damegobo damegogek damegoner
Future dandamed dandameck dandamire dandemebo dandamegek dandemenere
Perfect damo damok damiur damomi damogek damoner

Third Conjugation

sotiime "to sleep"
Indicative 1st sg. 2nd sg. 3rd sg. 1st pl. 2nd pl. 3rd.pl.
Present sotie sotiek sotiir sotiebo sotiegek sotiener
Imperfect sotigo sotigok sotigor sotigobo sotigogek sotigoner
Future sotied sotieck sotiire sotiembo sotiegeck sotienere
Perfect sotiu sotiuk sotiur sotiumi sotiugek sotiuner
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