1.03 New "Friends"

Location: On the high seas

As the last echoes of battle die away, Balas considers his options. Judging from the amount of blood seeping through the planks above, the battle went ill. Deciding to hide was the easy choice – the hard choice was which crate to hide in. Unfortunately, it was easy for Rylan (having come into the hold to search for loot/casualties) to see which crate was left ajar. Sensing apprehension, Rylan started tapping his drum and singing a song of cheer and friendship and good times, incidentally inspiring confidence. From the crate there is heard a muffled voice, singing along without reservation or hesitation. Rylan changes tack (and lyrics), inviting the hidden friend to come forward. A head pops up over the edge of the crate, registers alarm, and pops back below. After a few tense moments, Balas slides out from the crate. The gaunt and likely malnourished farrough curses quietly as he stretches, his tail languidly moves around to lightly scratch his back. His piercing blue eyes stare at Rylan from a face covered in grime and soot. He ruffles his dark hair, revealing the folded ears common to his race.

“Hey! A farrugh! I’m glad you came out of hiding.” Rylan looks him over carefully for weapons or injuries; finding none, Rylan resumes his drumming. “So, whoever your master was, I probably just killed them. Technically, you’re free now. You can thank me later. How ‘bout we go back up on deck so we can have a good talk, unless you have any more friends down here.” Rylan offers the farrugh some rations. “Do you have a name?” After a smoldering glare, Balas pushes past Rylan, ignoring the rations and heading up the stairs. Rylan shrugs and follows, announcing (after a quick drum roll) “Hey, Guys! I found someone!”

“Oh, there are more of you” says Balas, his eyes adjusting to the brightness. “Thank god there are more of you – can I please talk to the smart one?”

“You already are, but thanks for asking … ummm… Hey! You still haven’t told me your name.”

Balas steps away and points at Rylan with the back of his thumb. “Balas is my name, and let me rephrase – can I speak to anyone other than him, please?”

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