Nazuvé is on the East Coast of Nalbadonas. It extends from the Sugol Peninsula in the north, to Uemeros in the south. It is bordered on the northwest by the Canwar Mountains and to the southwest by Luejevor

Regions and Features

Illár Illar-flag.png

Illár is the central area of Nazuvé, centred on the lower Talassor river valley. Its largest city is Devastra, the capital of Nazuvé.

Gravír Gravir-flag.png

Gravír is in western Nazuvé, bordering Luejevor. Its largest city is Drempo.

Uesen Uesen-flag.png

Uesen is the area of Nazuvé characterised mostly by the Uesen River and its tributaries. Northern Uesen is subject to many orcish incursions from Chanor. Its largest city is Lumos

Sezaniol Sezaniol-flag.png

Sezaniol is the northernmost region of Nazuvé, involving the lower Luluevuza river valley and its delta, as well as the southern reach of the Canwar coast. Its largest city is Orentas.

Siemes Coast

The Siemes coast is the somewhat sparsely populated area between Illár and Sezaniol. Its largest city is Suskana.

Harunthar Harunthar-flag.png

Harunthar is the southern region of Nazuvé, bordering Uemeros. Its largest city is Kokimpa.

Neighbouring Regions

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