My list
  • "Sorry, you were saying something about cars, Hope, and Lesley?" -Chris J.
    "And the Greatest of these is Lesley." -Dennis L.
  • "I'm going to have to investigate this further; to find out if he really died because of orgies." - Alyssa S.
  • "Everything's so precise until we get to the metric buttload." - Chris J.
  • "Dangit, I didn't even get to meet him yet and he's already clothed!" - Tim G.
  • "That's the lamest McName I've ever heard!" - Chris J.
  • "'Good cop' isn't in undergarments." -Tim G.
  • "Corpses aren't so nearly as evasive." -Tim G.
  • "Hopefully my chastity belt won't raise too many eyebrows." -Tim G.
  • "The G-string ontop of the chastity belt." - Brandon L.
    "Now THAT'S hot." - Tim G.
  • "We leave no stone unturned here at Northwest Music, where occasionally we have power." -Mark G.
  • "However if it were a piece of particle board falling, I would look quite the fool." -Tim G.
  • "Try harder, it's eating your weasel" -Donald C.
  • "You find the bartender to be very pliant, however unable to affect change on a political level." -Tim G.
  • "No, it's not a time machine! Presbyterians don't have time machines." -Chris J.
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