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Coins are minted in a variety of denominations out of a variety of materials.

Common Coins

Coin Metal Exchange Value
Penny (ð) Copper 1/12ʃ 1/24ƒ 1/120§ 1/240£
Shilling (ʃ) Silver 12ð 1/2ƒ 1/10§ 1/20£
Florin (ƒ) Silver 24ð 1/5§ 1/10£
Gilder (§) Gold 120ð 10ʃ 1/2£
Pound (£) Gold 240ð 20ʃ 10ƒ

A common coin is a gold coin called a pound, £, and for game purposes, is equivalent to the value of a "gold piece". There are ten silver florins, ƒ, in a pound, which are equivalent to the value of a "silver piece". Other common coins include the penny, ð, the shilling, ʃ, and the guilder, §.

Uncommon and Rare Coins

Coin Metal Value
Farthing Copper 1/4ð
Obol Copper 1/2ð
Brass Penny Brass
Groat Brass
Tanner Brass
Halfcrown Silver 30ð
Dollar Silver
Thistle Crown Silver
Crown Electrum
Halfmark Orichalcum 80ð
Mark Gold 160ð
Castle Gold
Platin Platinum

Some of these coins, despite their presence here, are rather common, such as the farthing and the obol. However, these coins are not as useful to adventurers.

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