Wealth and Money


Coins are minted in a variety of denominations out of a variety of materials.

Common Coins

Coin Metal Weight
Exchange Value Decimal
Penny (p)
Copper 1/50 1p 1/10s 1/20ƒ 1/100G 1/200£ 0.01 G
Shilling (s)
Silver 1/150 10p 1s 1/2ƒ 1/10G 1/20£ 0.10 G
Florin (ƒ)
Silver 1/75 20p 2s 1/5G 1/10£ 0.20 G
Gilder (G)
Gold 1/150 100p 10s 1G 1/2£ 1.00 G
Pound (£)
Gold 1/75 200p 20s 10ƒ 2G 2.00 G

A common coin is a gold coin called a gilder, G, and for game purposes, is equivalent to the value of a "gold piece". There are ten silver shillings, s, in a pound, which are equivalent to the value of a "silver piece". Other common coins include the penny, p, the florin, ƒ, and the pound, £.

Uncommon and Rare Coins

Coin Metal Weight
Value Decimal
Farthing Copper 1/200 1/4p 0.0025
Obol Copper 1/100 1/2p 0.005
Brass Penny Brass 1/125 1p 0.01
Half Groat Brass 2/125 2p 0.02
Piece of Eight* Silver 1/400 15frth 0.0375
Groat Billon 1/75 4p 0.04
Tanner Billon 1/60 5p 0.05
Halfcrown Silver 1/60 25p 0.25
Dollar Silver 1/50 3s 0.30
Thistle Crown Electrum 1/125 4s 0.40
Crown Electrum 1/100 5s 0.50
Halfmark Gold 4/1000 6s 0.60
Mark Gold 8/1000 12s 1.20
Castle Gold 2/75 4G 4.00
Elephant Castle Gold 1/30 5G 5.00
Platin Platinum 1/100 10G 10.00
* Pieces of Eight, also known as bits, are silver dollars cut into eight equal pieces

Some of these coins, despite their presence here, are rather common, such as the farthing and the obol. However, these coins are not as useful to adventurers.

Metal Bars

Metal Weight
Copper 10 5G
Brass 8 10G
Bronze 12 1/2 50G
Billon 12 1/2 100G
Silver 13 1/3 200G
Electrum 10 500G
Orichalcum 10 1000G
Gold 13 1/3 2000G
Platinum 5 5000G


Standard sale prices for gems
Gem type Value
common 10G
ornamental 50G
semiprecious 100G
rare 500G
precious 1000G
diamant 5000G


Standard sale prices for jewellery
Jewellery type Value
decorative 100G
courtisan 500G
heirloom 1000G
fine 5000G
regal 10 000G
exquisite 50 000G

Trade Goods

Item Cost
Wheat /lb 1p
Flour /lb 2p
Chicken ea. 2p
Iron /lb 1s
Wool /lb 2s
Copper /lb 5s
Goat 1G
Brass /lb 1G 25p
Cinnamon /lb 2G
Pepper /lb 4G
Ginger /lb 4G
Sheep ea. 4G
Bronze /lb 4G
Pig ea. 8G
Billon /lb 8G
Linen /sqyd 10G
Salt /lb 15G
Silver /lb 15G
Silk /sqyd 30G
Cow ea. 30G
Cloves /lb 40G
Ox ea. 45G
Saffron /lb 50G
Electrum /lb 50G
Orichalcum /lb 100G
Gold /lb 150G
Platinum /lb 1000G

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