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Into the Past
A Not-So-Simple Plan

Character History:

It all started when I heard my brother's horn. I lived on a ranch near the Shield River. I was a beautiful and idyllic place (to hear my grandfather tell it) before the Tiefling invasion, but for the last two hundred years it has been too close to the front lines for comfort. The Dominion's army has been just out my back yard for as long as I can remember, and just recently they took over the lower pasture to create a training centre for their warriors. They are constantly harassing us and our neighbours with their patrols, and regularly come around demanding “tributes”, usually in the form of livestock. My brother's horn announces meals, family gatherings and the end of the work day, but this time I heard it make a sound I've never heard before. I raced to the house as quickly as I could, but just as I got to the back door, the ground was rocked and the air ripped with a magical explosion. I was thrown into the barn, where I fell, unconscious, to the ground.

There was a crowd gathered when I emerged from the barn some time later with a sprained ankle, dislocated shoulder, a scar on my cheek and a killer headache. The neighbours hid me from the Tieflings that were there, and I was too groggy to argue. It was another hour before they left and I could get the whole story. The Tieflings were expecting a large division from the south, and in order to have room for them to camp, our ranch would be turned into a small field headquarters with barracks and officer's quarters. This means my family would have to move and leave the ranch where we've lived for untold generations. When my brother told the Tieflings he refused to move, they destroyed the house. Those who were unfortunate enough to survive the blast were taken away and would be thrown into the summoning pits for their disloyalty, as would any others who would dare stand outside the will of the dominar. It was too late to save them and I was in no condition to fight an entire army, so the local healer (who was instructing me in the magical talent I inherited from my mother), took me in and healed me. The next morning, I went back to what was left of my ranch house. I was able to savage a few things, including a longsword that was my Father's and the leather working tools I got for my birthday that were in the barn. As I was leaving, I saw the body of my brother. He was thrown clear of the building in the explosion, but had obviously been fighting the Tieflings, as his hands were covered in blood that was not red like ours. He was also carrying the horn, which was the last thing I heard from him. I took the horn, and went back to the healer's – weeping all the way. When I got there, there was a man waiting for me. The Tieflings were looking for me, he explained. I was to leave with him that night after dark, and we were to travel east, to Anderland, where I could escape the Dominion's grasp. Before I left, however, the healer taught me one last spell, and I use it constantly to disguise myself from their patrols.

That was a few months ago, now. I help the underground funnel wanted people out of the Dominion, using my skills and spells to undermine their corrupt government, absurd religion, and evil obsession with the lower planes at every opportunity. I suffer every day for what the Dominion did to me and my family, and maybe my actions will stop others from suffering at their hands as well.


Tamerland not so tame…

In the previous previous episode:

1. The party, lured to Tamerland, fought a dragon that witnessed our arrival by turning him into a squirrel
2. They found a statue of a tiefling in the dragon’s lair when looking for treasure, but when they unpetrified it, it teleported away.
3. Being trapped in Tamerland, the party follows the river by way of a raft with a shadowy shelter on it. They pass a lizardfolk settlement and decide to stop and make friends.
4. They find and destroy a living tree that was raiding and devouring lizardfolk settlements.
5. The party survive diseases, waterfalls, and a Chaos Rock

In the previous episode

1. The party rebuilds the raft, goes as far as it can downriver, and sets the shelter up as a satellite information kiosk about the College
2. They fly Eldarim the white dragon to Landsgate, stopping overnight to fight fire-rock beasts.
3. They arrive in Landsgate, and talk to various characters of interest:
a. Eldarim & Axle talk to an adventurer and learn to play pool
b. Rutt & Melgar visit a dwarven rogue and has a drinking contest
c. Aerevor meets up with a wizard and has to hold his nose
d. All of them are told to visit a member of the Knights Adamant in the bar.
4. They learn that there is a Tiefling plot to steal dragon eggs, raise them, and then use them to nefarious purposes.
5. The party decides on one plan (of many choices) to infiltrate the Tiefling lair and rescue the eggs, release the squirrel-dragon, and generally create havoc.

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