Magnilu is a recolonised city at the site of an ancient Gnorbaran Empire port on the Blue Sea. It has the remains of one of the original nine wonders of the ancient word, the Great Bridge of Ondost, which spanned the distance to Astogant, a large island 17 miles offshore.


Size: Large City
Population: about 14 100
Demographics: 79% human, 9% gnome, 6% dwarf, 4% farrugh, 1.5% half-orc, 0.5% other
Languages: Olvean 85%, Maritime Common 65%, Trade Common 55%, Luosan 40%, Kemoi 20%, Dwarven 7%, Enduazzian 6%, Beizehem 5%, Orc 3%
Philosophy: Lawful 35%, Rational 30%, Chaotic 20%, Social 15%
Morality: Neutral 50%, Good 35%, Evil 15%


Gnorbarian times

The Great Bridge of Ondost was completed in 2739 GR, and shortly thereafter the ancient gnomish town flourished. In Gnorbaran times it never reached the size of its present height and probably never housed more than 5000 ancient gnomes. In 4251 GR, Ancient Magnilu was burned to the ground by dwarves.

Dark Ages

During the dark ages of Agnurvarsia, the Great Bridge of Ondost was still used by gnomes, giants, and other residents of Selubia until the first section of the span fell into the Blue Sea in 6795 GR (2945 SR) during a storm due to disrepair and failing magic. Evidence remains that at different times, alternating communities gnomes, giants, and later humans occupied the site of Magnilu, and some settlements were even built on the bridge itself.


Even 50 years before Umorit fell, Olvean traders had begun exploring the Selubian coast. The presence of the bridge made Magnilu an important meeting point, and its natural harbour made it a prime location for a new colony. The walls were rebuilt and a new keep raised in 1128 ER, 10 218 years after its ancient destruction. It quickly grew to be the largest settlement in Agnurvarsia in current times.

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