Luosim is the southernmost region of Nalbadonas, consisting of the Isguin peninsula and the northern coast of the White Sea. The westernmost tip of the Chakkom peninsula across the straits of Belberan in Kenemas is also considered part of Luosim. Its largest settlement is Umorit, once the seat of the expansive Umorit Empire.

Sites and Features


The metropolis of Umorit is the largest human settlement on the Continent of Nalbadonas.


The city of Uvai, located on the northern coast of the White Sea, was historically the first conquered by the Umoritians.

Isguin Peninsula

The bulk of Luosim's territory is the Isguin Peninsula.

Chakkom peninsula

The Chakkom Peninsula extends from the Chakkom Mountains which divide Enduazim from Simoit. Under control and influence of Luosim, some parts of the Peninsula see frequent incursions from neighbouring Enduazim.

Neighbouring Regions

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