The warm fertile plains of Luejevor spread between the Canwar mountains to the north and the Luero Kol mountains to the south. The plains slope downwards towards Nazuvé and Uemeros to the east, and rise to the uplands of Ignieré to the northwest. Across the arcing Luero Kol mountains, Anvasùn lies to the west, Luosim to the southwest, and Tamár to the southeast.
Life in Luejevor is a life of leisure, on the verge of decadence. People have time to indulge in art and philosohy.



Jümiant is a north-central region of Luejevor. Its largest city is Liret.


Angont is a western forested region of Luejevor. Its largest city is Lagnak.


Kusont is a region in northeast Luejevor. Its largest city is Shizelay.


Dónont is a region of southeast Luejevor.

Neighbouring Regions

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