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Atop a commanding cliff of the Bolusu mountains, Kiereskolum gazes eastward to greet the dawn. Built on the ruins of an ancient Gnorbaran fortress, the colonial city has been dominated by those escaping persecution and the law in other parts of the world. In various languages it is known as the Dawn Cliff or the Sunrise Rock; a fitting name as many of its inhabitants have arrived to start a new life. Despite the Luosan rule of the surrounding coastlands, Kiereskolum has remained independant and self sufficient, due to its strategic location atop an isolated plateau some 15 miles long and 3-4 miles wide, and 1200 feet high. Inside the city walls, The city is built down even more than it is built up. Mazes of caverns and tunnels and open pits make up most of the city. Buildings are built on the walls of pits and towers rise up between them.


Size: Small City
Population: about 8800
Demographics: 52% human, 15% gnome, 10% farrugh, 8% dwarf, 5% halfling, 5% orc, 4% mixed race, 0.5% drughu, 0.2% goblin, 0.2% ogre, 0.1% other
Languages: Trade Common 90%, Luosan 40%, Gnomish 20%, Olvean 12%, Kemoi 10%, Tithagry 10%, Dwarven 9%, Maritime Common 8%, Orcish 7%, Halfling 6%
Philosophy: Chaotic 35%, Social 30%, Rational 20%, Lawful 15%
Morality: Neutral 70%, Evil 20%, Good 10%

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