Into The Past

Melgar went back to Ebernedge to see Breghin, his ex-partner in the Underground and told him to spread the word and rabblerouse, and what not.

As you're talking to him in the Lone Pelican, Selyema, a waitress there, she approaches you. You know her to be trusted to the Underground.
"Melgar, I heard you were back in town!"

Melgar: "Nice to see you again!" He hands her a bookmark with the Melgar Crest on it.

Selyema: "Oh, I'm so glad to see you too! Oh, every time we hear news of your exploits, my grandfather speaks of nothing other than how you are to save us all!"

Melgar: "Well, I can't do it alone." He lowers his voice. "We all must play our part." He pretends to take a sip of ale and focuses on his headband to detect law, evil, or for invisible creatures within 60 feet.

The headband detects faint auras of lawfulness from a couple of patrons in the inn, but nothing else.

Melgar makes a grand gesture of taking out his horn. "What we need now is a call to action. All those in a position to make life uncomfortable for those hornheads should act. Even in little ways, to make their rule as inconvenient as possible. The time will come for open defiance, but this is NOT it."

Selyema nods listening carefully to Melgar's words "Oh Melgar, please tell me you'll go see my grandfather before you leave. IT would mean so much to him."

Melgar: Absolutely - will you lead the way?

Selyema nods and leads Melgar out of the inn, and off to her family home.
She opens the door, "Gran, We have a visitor!" An old man descends the rickey staircase inside. He appears to be just old

Headband Check senses no evil

Melgar makes a gesture of respect to the elder, and helps him to a chair nearby. "I have heard much of you. I wonder if you may be of assistance." He show him the paper with the old writing on it that we got from the eldritch well that was underwater in the second adventure.

"Ah, you've shown me this book before. I'm so glad you've come back to us." He looks at the book again

Melgar: "Of course. I came to consult you before the beginning of the end." He sits across the table from the old man and listens intently.

Molyzen: "The lost city of Nyrn… yes. It was said that Emerlyn would be under a shadow until the city was found again. Perhaps there is wisdom in those words."

Melgar: "Where do we start the search? And how do we search for the city before driving the Tieflings out? Unless - If I could somehow now locate the city while the dominion was distracted with the attack on the Kingsmarch. They may have stretched themselves so thin that all we have to do is to find the city and start another front in the war behind their lines. Then their stretched thin forces would pop like a soap bubble. It's brilliant! You are indeed very wise, Elder."

Molyzen: "Do you have reason to believe the city still stands? Most who look for the city of Nyrn expect to find ruins from which they might discover great treasures of the mysterious past… like the powerful gems of Moefys."

Melgar: "Even if the city has fallen into ruin, just finding it again will bring hope back to those tires and oppressed masses yearning for freedom. It will be a magnificent rallying cry 'To the Old City! To the Glory of the Past! To Victory!' Can you not see it?" Meldar gets up and starts to pace - literally glowing.

Melgar stops in his tracks. "What's this about gems?"

Molyzen: "The gems of Moefys. Moefys was a magician and craftsman of great skill. He created legendary gems of power. You showed me one that you ahd found last time you were here. Until then, I thought that they might just be legend."

Molyzen continues, "Who knows how he was able to create them. His art is lost, lost with the city."

Melgar: "Maybe it is not lost, but hidden. Perhaps the city is there, but beyond us, hidden by Moefys' powerful magic. Either way, it's a good place to start. But enough about me; how are things with you?" After some pleasant chitchat about unimportant town scandals and other nothings, Melgar asks "What more can you tell me about the city, and how do you know so much?" He turns around, looking like he's pacing but really casting detect magic.

Molyzen responds "Well, my grandfather taught me all the old stories in secret, before he died. I have spent much of my own time, since I was a child, trying to verify and learn what more I can. My grandfather also taught me the old language of Emerlyr, which is how I was able to read the cover of your book here." You spell detects no magic beyond your own items.

Molyzen continues, "as for the city, all the stories, and the old records name the three ancient cities of Emerlyn as ports. Lanok, Kor, and Nyrn."

Melgar reflects on this and makes a mental note to search along the coast. "Do you know what other cities Nyrn traded most with?

Molyzen ponders a moment. "All three cities, in ancient times, traded with Seralia, before the Valhedrin ascended to power, but the chief of these was Lanok. Also, according to the story of the Valhedrin conquest, Lanok was destroyed by the Dominion, it being the closest city to Valhedar. "It is widely believed that Lanok was at the mouth of what is now called the Dominion river."

Megar: "What do the hornheads say happened to Nyrn?"

Molyzen frowns. "That is the most puzzling of all. They say nothing. Their own records of the conquest describe in detail the destruction of Lanok, and how afterwards, Kor welcomed the Valhedrin, and petitioned to join the Dominion. There is no mention of Nyrn at all after the conquest."

Melgar thinks to himself 'All the more reason to think that it was hidden, and not destroyed.' But says only "What did it look like?"

"It all started when High Dominar Neillos took the throne. He sent emissaries to the three city-states along the southern edge of Emerlyn, as his father had done years before. This time, when they all refused, Neillos reduced Lanok, the nearest of the three, to ashes in a sudden attack. Its survivors were all given as slaves to the soldiers and fiends of his armies. Shortly thereafter it is said that both Kor and Nyrn offered tribute, but that is the last that Nyrn is mentioned in their histories."

As he is listening; Melgar polymorphs some rice, corn and barley into a thick hot stew and beer.

"I imagine that Nyrn looked not unlike the old city of Kor… with its many stone towers, but I have no evidence to know if this is true. What is more puzzling is that the Tieflings claim that no other city in Emerlyn was destroyed as Lanok was. It is one of their claims of how merciful their rule is. If they did destroy it…. I would have to conclude that it were some sort of accident. The Valhedrin are proud."

Melgar: "Well, sir. I'm going to rout the army advancing on Deluin, When I'm done that, I'll come back here to collect you, and we'll all look for the city together. Until then, I want you to lay low and spread rumors, like the Dwarves are amassing an army and are coming down from the mountains to attack the tieflings or that the Elves have launched an armada and are even now blockading the supply lines from their accursed island.”

"If only those stories were true…"

Melgar: "Of what use is a dream if not a bold blueprint to courageous action?"

"You sir, have courageous dreams."

"But now, is there anything I can do for you before I take my leave?"

"Leave me this book… I would very much like to study it again. Perhaps there might be a way to restore some the mouldy pages… if only a corner, who knows what it could reveal."

Melgar: "As you wish." He leaves the book on the table, prestidigitates clean the dishes he made the stew in, telekenesises his chair back into place, casts disguise self and leaves the old man's home looking like a merchant.

Melgar finds the leader of the resistance in this city and hands him several Melgar Crest bookmarks to distribute as he sees fit. Each magical one grants a +1 competence bonus to bluff checks when lying to Tieflings. 5 bookmarks with the competence bonus, and 10 non-magical ones; hopefully there will be a placebo effect.

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