The great Talassor river meanders its final journey to the Thelabe sea through Illár. The fertile fields surrounding the river produce excess food and grain that is exported around the East.

Sites and Features

The Lower Talassor River Valley


Ahár is a small town about 30 miles north of Uebita.


Obin is a large town near the Talassor river.


Uebita is a small city between Satepo lake and the Talassor river.

Talassor River Delta


The delta of the Talassor River is expansive and relatively flat. The land alternates between fertile fields and swampy wetlands. The 173 mouths of the Talassor River are enormously wide and slow flowing. Many parts of the delta are subject to frequent flooding.


Devastra is the largest city in, and capital of, the kingdom of Nazuvé. Its location on the delta of the Talassor river and its well-defended and secure harbour have made Devastra an important trading hub with Sugol and Caphal Isle to the north, Tamár, Ocov and Kiuros to the south, and the Elven lands across the Thelabe Sea. Extensive trade has made the population more metropolitan than other cities of Nalbadonas, and Devastra has the largest elven population in a human city on the continent.

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