Ignieré is an upland region in central Nalbadonas. Of particular note is the high population of halflings. Many of the rural hill regions of Ignieré have been colonised by Halflings from Felinsam. The four of the mountain ranges of Nalbadonas intersect in or near to Ignieré. The Canwar mountains meet the Tigori mountains on the eastern edge of Ignieré, the Luero Kol mountains sweep north into Ignieré, and the Majeno mountains extend westward from Ignieré.


Ignieré has no kings and no princes. A holdover as a territory of the Umorit Empire, each of the four provinces sends a Prefect to a council three times a year in the spring, summer, and fall.

Rangers of Ignieré

All Rangers of Ignieré follow a centralised code. Their purpose is to guide travellers through the treacherous mountain passes and the maze of valleys of the landscape.


When Ignieré was conquered by the Umorit Empire, it was the homeland of the people nowadays known as the Tithagry. The Tithagry were displaced to the northeast, where they reinvented their culture. There are still some Tithagry people on the borders of Ignieré and Anvasùn.
Throughout the times of the Empire, Ignieré was a crossroads through which trade, armies, and people were moved through the Empire.

Regions and Features


The northwesternmost province of Ignieré also has its lowest elevations. Rükos is the largest city in Shaskrut.


The wooded province of Frévølir is located in central Ignieré. Andit, the largest city in Ignieré is nestled in the mountains of Frévølir.


The upper Télazoi river valley and most of the high tributaries of the Télazoi river (Talassor river) make up the province of Télazir. Méjal is the largest city in Télazir.


This province is home to the southernmost population of Tithagry people, and thought by many to be their original homeland before the spreading Umorit Empire drove many to the north.


The province of Ézuerut is administered together with the province of Frévølir.

Neighbouring Regions

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