Ice Drake Short Sword/Dagger

The Ice Drake Shord Sword/Dagger is an intelligent weapon imbued with the intelligence of the Ice Drake Great Wyrm Ndurtenaga.


Base Item
+1 Icy Burst Dagger (M) or Short Sword (S)
Caster Level
Overwhelming Universal
594 300 G
1 lb.
Ability Scores
Int 25; Wis 25; Cha 22
Draconian, Gnorbaran (Ancient Gnomish), Stone Giant
Empathy(Su), Senses (60 ft.)
Special Purpose
Accrue Wealth

Spell-like Abilities

At will— acid splash(level 0), ray of frost(level 0), resistance(level 0, DC 20)
3x/day (each)— shield(level 1), true strike(level 1), fog cloud(level 2), blur(level 2), lightning bolt(level 3, DC 23), slow(level 3, DC 23), charm monster(level 4, DC 24), dimension door(level 4)

Special Abilities

The wielder can use a breath weapon attack 3x/day. The breath weapon can either be 1d4 cold energy per two character levels of the wielder, 30 ft. cone for a medium wielder or 20 ft. cone for a small wielder, or 1d12 sonic energy per three character levels of the wielder, 20 ft. radius for a medium character or 15 ft. radius for a small character, the DC is 10 + half the wielder's hid dice plus half the wielder's CON modifier.
The wielder gains the continuous effect of endure elements for cold only.

Dedicated Abilities

At Will— hold monster(level 5, DC 25), wall of force(level 5), teleport(level 6)

Additional Properties

The weapon uses its spell-like abilities at its own will and must be convinced to use them at the request of the wielder, who must make a Diplomacy check whose DC is half the item's Ego score plus the spell level.


At first appearance the weapon seems to function as a +1 Icy Burst short sword when wielded by a small creature, or a dagger when wielded by a medium creature.

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