Ice Drake Short Sword/Dagger

The Ice Drake Shord Sword/Dagger is an intelligent weapon imbued with the intelligence of the Ice Drake Great Wyrm Ndurtenaga.


Base Item
+1 Icy Burst Dagger (M) or Short Sword (S)
Overwhelming Universal
594 300 G
1 lb.
Ability Scores
Int 25; Wis 25; Cha 22
Draconian, Gnorbaran (Ancient Gnomish), Stone Giant
Empathy(Su), Senses (60 ft.)
Special Purpose
Accrue Wealth

Spell-like Abilities

At will— acid splash, ray of frost, resistance
3x/day (each)— shield, true strike, fog cloud, blur, lightning bolt, slow, charm monster (DC 18), dimension door

Special Abilities

The weilder can use a breath weapon attack 3x/day. The breath weapon can either be 1d4 cold energy per two character levels of the wielder, 30 ft. cone for a medium wielder or 20 ft. cone for a small wielder, or 1d12 sonic energy per three character levels of the wielder, 20 ft. radius for a medium character or 15 ft. radius for a small character, the DC is 10 + half the wielder's hid dice plus half the wielder's CON modifier. The weilder must wait 1d4 rounds before using a second breath attack.

Dedicated Abilities

At Will— hold monster, wall of force, teleport

Additional Properties

The weapon uses its spell-like and dedicated abilities at its own will and must be convinced to use them at the request of the wielder, who must make a Diplomacy check whose DC is half the item's Ego score plus the spell level.


At first appearance the weapon seems to function as a +1 Icy Burst short sword when weilded by a small creature, or a dagger when wielded by a medium creature.

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