There are a few ethnicities of humans in the known world. The characteristics listed here are generalised, and each ethnicity can include a wide variety of individuals that can be as different from each other as they are from people of other ethnicities.


Living mostly in the mid-to-north of Nalbadonas (Kanuaeslo, Caphal, Sugol and some in Kuegus and Igniere), Noru-Tithagrians tend to have large round eyes with dark irises (usually brown or black) set in oval or heart-shaped faces with flattened noses, smaller chins, wide, short foreheads and attached earlobes. They tend to have fine, wavy dark hair, usually brown, black, or chestnut. They have a fair, buttery skin tone, and tall muscular builds


Living in the far north of Nalbadonas (Aktalhug and Uskaloyt).


Living all over Western Kenemas, the Kemoi tend to be short, lanky, and wiry. They have dark, coppery skin, light coloured deep-set almond-shaped eyes (usually light green, hazel, or grey), round faces with a short, sharp nose and small chin. They have unpronounced brows, and some tribes sharpen their teeth. They have very dark, straight hair, but tend to grey quickly. They have wide feet often with splayed toes and long fingers.


Darestians live in Northweastern Nalbadonas (Daġreias, Tanafi, Süviem, Igniere) and Vólteza in Scoeras. They are related to Noru-Tithagrians.


Olveans live in Southwestern Nalbadonas (Lundoġë and Anvasùn).


Sarluerians live in Central-Eastern Nalbadonas (Luejevor, Kuegus, Nazuve, and Uemeros.
Muscular average height, very fair ivory skinned, sometimes choleric. Round-square faces, with strong jaws. Wide mouths. Small noses. Eyes are light blue, light green, pink. Fair thick curly & textured haired. Small low-profile ears.


Luosans live in Luosim and on Karalii. Because of the spread of the Umoritian Empire, there are people with Luosan trais across Nalbadonas.
Longer oval faces, narrow rounded or pointed chins, high foreheads, close-set eyes of light blue, hazel or grey divided by a deep bridge. long flat shiny hair usually light brown. Lean and tall, olive skin tones. Larger ears with detached earlobes.


Tamarians live in Tamár, Simoit, and some in Ocov as well.


Gazandi-Enduazzians live in Enduad, Ocov, Gazand and Humbis.

South Kenemanians

South Kenemanians live throughout Southern Kenemas.

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