House Rules

The following rules are "house rules" that are currently in effect for the ongoing DF campaign.

Hit Dice

In order to limit ranges in hit points resulting from large hit die, and to maintain the intention that classes with higher hit dice actually bestow more hit points to characters, hit dice are substituted as follows:

Pre-existing Hit Dice Roll this instead
d12 d6+6
d10 d6+4
d8 d6+2
d6 d6
d4 d6 max. 4*

*a five or six rolled on this dice count only as a four

Followers, Cohorts, and the Leadership feat

Follower and cohort rules are modified as in the Tusk Mountian Campaign.


Teleport is unable to transport creatures across natural magical barriers. Attempts to do so result with the "similar area" result if the teleportation roll would be in favour of "on target" or "off target".

Greater Teleport as written is now a 9th level spell.

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