Great Bridge Of Ondost

One of the original nine wonders of the world, the Bridge of Ondost originally spanned nearly 18 miles across the strait of Gan from the Selubian coast to the island of Ristung, and connected ultimately to the island of Astogant via three shorter yet no less impressive spans, only two of which survive intact. Construction began in 2313 GR and wasn't completed until 2739. Due to neglect and failing magics the first section fell into the strait of Gan in 6795 GR. This means the bridge stood for 9 and a half years for every year spent on its construction. At various points since the fall of the Ancient Gnomish Empire, settlements of various peoples were built on various sections of the span. Though exposed to the rages of Blue Sea storms, their position as being raised above the waters made them easily defensible.

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