Ghâ-Gûbi-Sêg is a level 10 Drughu Barbarian from Pabvutha Swamp. He is played by Chris Brown and has been with the party since October 20, 2017.

Character Sheets

Ghâ-Sêg Level 5
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Character History

Since childhood, Ghâ-Sêg has worked to support Clan Drughu Pabvutha. Though his intentions were true, and his efforts appreciated, Ghâ-Sêg's small lack of intelligence, and severe lack of social graces, made him a poor candidate for village government or community life in general.
Due to his keen senses, impressive reflexes, and hunting prowess, Ghâ-Sêg was appointed to the position of Perimeter Guard when he reached adulthood at 16. Ghâ-Sêg was gifted with a set of bioluminescent tattoos on all four limbs and the base of his neck. These tattoos are signs of great achievment and honour among the Drughu Pabvutha, but they also act as a silent warning system for danger. When a tatooed guard rages, his tattoos glow the same red as his eyes, alerting all that danger is close, this tactic is important since sound is so muffled by the swamp.

Ghâ-Sêg has spent most of his life alone and all of his life in Pabvutha Swamp. If he has ever bathed or cleaned himself, he gave it up long ago. Ghâ-Sêg only learned enough Trade Common to get by when acquiring steel and other goods difficult to find or craft in a swamp. He uses language for utility, not pleasantries. If he is not imparting or acquiring useful information, he has no interest in the interaction and is not shy about saying so.
Ghâ-Sêg is very skilled at killing and enjoys showing off and boasting about his prowess. However, Ghâ-Sêg never kills for sport or out of anger. Like with language, Ghâ-Sêg kills for utility. If he needs to eat, gather materials (bone, hide, etc.), protect himself from harm, or protect others from harm then he will gladly kill. Ghâ-Sêg will not kill for money unless he has been hired as protection. He will not target anyone who has not transgressed significantly.

Character Developments

Ghâ-Sêg was initially unsure about joining the current party due to some blatantly evil actions perpetrated by the party's Cleric. However, not being particularly well versed in any form of social grace, Ghâ-Sêg has been convinced to stay (a number of times). He will still not abide attacks from supposed allies, but has a more nuanced (or maybe just more confused) outlook on which other infractions he is willing to tolerate.

Ghâ-Sêg's awe of magic has decreased due to excessive exposure. He is still quite curious about it, but will not hesitate to use magical items (that he does not see as evil) or attack magical creatures. Ghâ-Sêg has developed a particular dislike of mind affecting magic. Woe to the individual who attempts to cast one of these spells on him.

As he continues with the party, and as he gradually becomes stronger (at a much faster rate than he is used to), Ghâ-Sêg is becoming less concerned about discerning friend from foe in battle. He is starting to learn to enjoy violence and only considers morality when his rage has had a chance to cool.

Ghâ-Sêg has recently become aware that he is about to become a father (with Whisp as the mother) so his focus may shift to a more long term perspective. He has already started to cultivate more nurturing relationships by caring for his caribou (Tarandus) and baby owlbears (Tyto and Bubo). He has also taken on the vague responsibility of being an owl. He is unsure if this is a secret society or a magical transformation, as many context cues still allude him.

Ghâ-Sêg was awarded the name/title of "Gûbi" by two of his tribe's elders as a way to honour his heroic deeds and his part in influencing a trade increase with non-Drughu society. Ghâ-Gûbi-Sêg gifted magical items to the elders and entrusted them with the care of Tarandus until Ghâ-Gûbi-Sêg is next in need of a smoking, winking, circus caribou again. After previously releasing the adolescent Tyto and Bubo into the wild, and leaving Whisp in the Blue Sea Trading Company's maternity ward, Ghâ-Gûbi-Sêg will need to find other ways to nurture and influence new members of his pack. Also, he nearly bit someone to death on a ship, describes smells in ways that no one understands, and is excited to fight some giants.

As his Rage increases in power, so does the potency of his predatory bloodlust.

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