1.03 Full Speed Ahead?

Location: Off the Agethlu Coast

Having taken the Smoky diamond was easy - relatively. The hard question is what to do now. Rylan knows that they can't run this ship by themselves, but taking on a crew means exposing them to danger as we head in search of Blant along the coast. Rylan starts mending some of the broken and damaged rigging and ponders the situation.

Danilor joined the cleric in the hold, picking her way through the debris, "Still working on the sails?" she asked rhetorically.

R: We have to get this ship moving, no matter what direction we decide to go in.

D: This is true, I've been contemplating charming a few of them but I can't hold enough of them under the enchantments to really make a difference.

R: If we decide to go sailing off in this ship, even if the captain will agree to share his crew and resources, they will be sharing in the danger of finding and defeating Blant, and they'll want a share of the treasure, and the treasure we're seeking is the Telieno, a ship - and ships don't split evenly.

D: We could return to port and hire a new crew for our captured ship.

R: If we show ourselves in any port, they'll sink us before you can say "privateer". These people are so scared they sink first and ask questions later.

D: We could tow the ship close to port with the Dutiful Dwarf, bring the crew in for reward and hire new hands, just shuttle them back to our acquired vessel.

R: … and buy supplies and things.

R: But when we do eventually find and rescue the Telieno, What do we do then? Should we hire two crews? Do we sell the Smokey Diamond? Do we go into shipping ourselves?

D: I have little interest in running a shipping business but the sale and reward money would go along way toward fun ding some much needed research.

R: Or would pay for the gearing system in a rotating stage at the amphitheater… Or an extra few rooms at the Church school. So you suggest we deal with the pirates first, and whatever follows when it happens? Sounds good.

D: We'll need to convince the others.

R: I'll do my best.

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