A region on the East Blue Sea, Enduazim is home to two powerful principalities, Alduad, and Oziamian. A warm land of hills, grasslands, fertile valleys and pine forests in the mountains, Enduazim is rich in resources, and a major trade presence in the two continents.

Sites and Features


Once the seat of the Gaddian Kingdom, which once encompassed all of Enduazim, Simoit, Ocov, Karalii and most of Gazand, and rivaled Umorit in its early days, Alduad is still the largest city in Kenamas, and a still an influencial principality. It is situated in the middle of the fertile Lendu River valley, whose waters spring from the mountains where the Chakkom Mountains and the Muraks Mountains converge.


Coastal Oziamian is a very active trading hub on the East Blue Sea and influencial principality. Located at the mouth of the Zihik River, Oziamian has grown rapidly since the fall of Umorit and is a powerful rival of Alduad.


On the borderlands between Gazand and Enduazim, Engol is a dangerous city.

Chakkom Mountains

The Chakkom Mountains divide Enduazim from Simoit, and stretch from the Muraks Mountains in the East to the Chakkom peninsula, which is considered part of Luosim these days, though many in Enduazim see it as an extension of those lands.

Muraks Mountains

The Muraks Mountains divide Enduazim from Ocov, and extend southwards into Gazand. They are home to the Dwarves of Muraks.

Neighbouring Regions

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