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Dusk level 1


Dusk, a young Human male Born on the 13th of Aspochalwe grew up in the slums while learning to steal and fight from his older Sister, Dawn. while out stealing some food for him and his sister he ran into Griedas Ulám who saw the potential in Dusk and hired him on to do some jobs for him.

While working for Griedas Dusk started to take Skien a addictive Hallucinogenic Drug. One day while Hallucinating and high, He Killed what he thought was a Hag ended up being his own sister. Racked with guilt he got addicted to Skien taking it almost daily so he wouldn’t have to feel the pain of what he did. Seeing no more use for him Griedas sent him on a impossible job with false information in hopes he would be killed 

Dusk Failed the job as expected but instead of being being killed he was taken in by Vextra who listened to dusks tale and sympathized with it, Vextra’s helped Dusk with his detoxing and showed him how to control his urges, training him in the art of archery, teaching him wrong from right that stealing in itself wasn’t seen as wrong it was for survival. Dusk was taught not to take more then he needed. Not to hurt those who were innocent but those who weren’t got what they deserved.

They parted on dusks 17th birthday and when he returned to Devastra he was contacted trough a strange card he had pick pocketed. With the promise he would get revenge on the man who tried to have him killed. The man who got him addicted to skien and the man who sat by and watched as he killed his own sister. Griedas. So dusk now knew what he would do. He got his gear and set forth to meet with this person. In hopes he can put a end to the pain Griedas caused and stop him from hurting anyone else ever again. 

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