Drug Features

This notes how the drug is introduced into the system. These types equate to the types most common to poisons: contact, ingestion, inhalation, injury.
The common price of 1 dose of this drug.
The duration of time (if any) before the drug takes effect or causes damage.
The duration and effect of the drug.
Max Doses
The number of doses above which no more cumulative effect is gained. (Damage is still cumulative for more doses above this maximum).
Includes the base fortitude save to avoid the damage; additional doses increase the DC by +2.
The save for each dose to avoid each level of addiction.


Each level of addiction increases the number of doses required to acheive an effect by one, and after 24 hours since last taking the drug incurs a -1 penalty to Con until the drug is taken again. At 4 levels of addiction and higher this penalty is accompanied by the sickened condition. Remove disease can cure addiction but a separate roll must be made for each level of addiction against the addiction DC for the drug +2 for each remaining level of addiction. Once a save is failed, no more levels of addiction can be removed with that casting of Remove disease.


Drug Type Price Onset Duration; Effect Max Doses Fort DC or Damage Addiction
Alcohol ingested 4p - 2G - 1 hr; +1 to Charisma-based checks, +1 Morale 4 DC 10 or 1d2 Dex, 1d3 Wis (save half); 3 consecutive fails 1d2 Cha, sickened 1d4 hours Will DC 10
Dwarven Fire Ale ingested 25G - 1d4 rds; rage (per the spell). 1 hr; cold resistance 5 2 DC 20 or 1d2 Con (save half); 2 consecutive fails sickened 1d6 hours Will DC 12
Elven Absinthe ingested 50G 1d6 rds 1 hr; +1d4 Cha 6 DC 16 or 1d4 Con (save half); 4 consecutive fails sickened 1d4 hours Fort DC 12
Flayleaf inhaled or ingested 10G 1d4 rds if ingested 1 hr; +2 alchemical bonus on saves against mindaffecting effects, fatigue 3 DC 12 or 1 Wis; 2 consecutive fails 1d2 Con Fort DC 12
Neppa Leaf inhaled 1s - 1 hr; +1 to intelligence-based checks 5 DC 12 or 1d3 Con (save half); 2 consecutive fails sickened for 1d6 rounds Fort DC 17
Okun Leaf inhaled or ingested 1G 1d4 min if ingested 2 hrs; pain-relief, reduce all subdual damage by half 1 DC 15 or 1d3 Wis (save half) Fort DC 20
Tsabak Root ingested 12G 1d4 rds 10 min; as spell divination except as see below. 1hr; +1d3 Wis 2 DC 22 or 1d4 Dex (save half) Will DC 14
Skien ingested 20G 1d4 rds 2d6 hrs; sleep, vivid hallucinations, calm emotions 1 DC 13 or 1d4 Int, 1d3 Con (save half); 2 consecutive fails coma for 2d8 hours Will DC 16

Tsabak Root

Often used by clerics and oracles in its native Kenamas, tsabak root offers powerful visions and expanded consciousness to its users. Its effect is similar to that of a Divination spell, except the percentage chance for a correct divination is 40% + 1% per HD, + 2% per class level of a cleric or shaman guiding the vision to a maximum of 80%. Unlike Divination, the user has no way of knowing if the vision is false, other than their better judgement or the advice of their cleric or oracle guide.

Categories: Afflictions

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